Clinical Supervision, Consultation and Training

Clinical supervision, Consultation and Training-Melissa has completed the requirements to provide clinical supervision for registered MFT interns and has been providing clinical supervision for over 15 years. Melissa's aim as a clinical supervisor is to assist the new clinician to develop clinical standards of practice based on their own therapeutic conceptualization as well as the laws and ethics dictating the field. As this was Melissa's primary field of choice, she has "grown up" in the therapy world from a young, book smart therapist to a seasoned professional who has worked in many different settings.

Melissa also enjoys providing consultation for agencies regarding best clinical practices and capturing evidence based outcomes to use for marketing or grant writing. Melissa enjoys giving dynamic trainings to promote team building or trainings about how to apply mindfulness for stress reduction or increased morale in the office. One of her favorite populations to work with are those in the therapeutic field themselves. Help for the helping professional is important- whether it be therapists, psychologists, school counselors or any other caregiving profession, Melissa can tailor a training for you. If you are an agency outside of the mental health, caregiving or Social Services Field and you are looking for a training to motivate, inspire or educate your staff, Melissa would love to help you brainstorm one of numerous training oportunities she can provide.

If you are interested in seeking individual clinical supervision, agency consultation or scheduling a work shop, contact Melissa today. Melissa enjoys giving trainings for agencies on the following topics:

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Mindfulness in Every Day Living

Meditation Practices for Improving Self Compassion and Forgiveness

Living a DBT lifestyle

Coping With Stress in the Work Place

Work Place Team Building

Eating Disorders in Youth: Signs and Symptoms for Parents to Look out For