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About Melissa

Melissa Wheelock is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who has been practicing for over 20 years. She has worked with children, adolescents, adults and families providing therapy, supervision, training, education and crisis intervention. She uses a Cognitive Behavioral Model infused with a person centered, mindfulness based approach that allows people to feel at ease as they discover how their own beliefs and thoughts contribute to some of their biggest problems and personal struggles. Melissa is a transplant from the Central Valley, where her career blossomed with several non-profit mental health agencies. Over the years, Melissa has served as a Therapist, Supervisor, Trainer, and Consultant.

Experience and Training

Early in her career, Melissa received training in Theraplay and other attachment based child and family therapies, from which she still draws inspiration today. As a supervisor and program manager, she developed community based prevention and suicide intervention programs as well as training programs for new therapists. In the past decade, Melissa also managed programs serving individuals experiencing life threatening mental health crises. It was in this position that she received intensive training in the evidenced based model, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT).

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Body and Soul

Why Mind, Body, Soul? There is a connection we have to every aspect of ourselves; cognitively, physically and emotionally. It is when we lose that connection, which is really our awareness and understanding of self, that problems can occur in our lives. Often, we are so busy "doing" that we forget how to just "be." Learning how to have presence in our bodies and in our daily lives with mindfulness techniques can be life altering.

Treatment Philosophy

As a licensed therapist, I feel so fortunate to have chosen this field and so privileged to be able to help people learn new skills to cope with life's challenges. I believe that therapy, in its' purest form, is really about providing compassionate support and guidance so that people can get in touch with their true thoughts and emotions and have a safe place to express themselves. Through the years, my training and experience has allowed me to offer more to my clients, but it is from this strength based philosophy that my journey as a therapist began.

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Treatment Specialties



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Life Transition

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Women Issues

Women's Issues

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Clinical Supervision

Clinical Supervision

Melissa has completed the requirements to provide clinical supervision for registered MFT interns and has been providing clinical supervision